3 musts for a successful career in eXperience Technology

1. The ‘Why’ Factor 

It’s always important to know the “Why” before the “How”. The best and strongest way to grow in this domain is to focus on the core basics. Building your career on the basis of specific frameworks & libraries like Angular, Backbone, React alone has a very short shelf-life. We consider this domain to be the last mile that connects the brand with the consumer, acting as a bridge between the design and the technology community and keeping Experience at the center is what differentiates us. Looking at all aspects of development & programming while focusing on performance, with Experience at the core, leveraging facets of rendering, usability, interactivity & accessibility is what helps elevate one as a complete Experience Technologist.

2. The JavaScript Edge

JavaScript has seen exponential growth in its adoption and usage in the recent past and has become the primary medium connecting all facets of development. From conventional client – server development to data visualization – to mobile apps – to desktop apps – to tvOS – to now powering hardware – JS as a programming language has truly evolved. With the advent of JavaScript runtimes like Node – the lines between conventional front end technologists and back end technologists have blurred more than ever before – opening career options for all technologists to become true FULL-stack developers. The key to note is – JavaScript is at the core – hence its critical to understand and master core JavaScript, to be framework and library agnostic. There’s no denying that the future of technology is Now and Experience Technologists are right in the middle of it.

3. Combine Technology With Creativity

The relationship between creativity and technology is quite interesting – since it’s difficult to imagine the sustenance of one without the other. There are different ways to solve a problem and technology is an enabler of those solutions. If you look at the list of innovations from a touch screen phone to a self-driving car, nothing would have been possible without the creative and effective use of technology.  It’s said that all the technology has already been invented – what we are doing now is exploring new means and mediums of using them which is what defines creativity – questioning the supremacy debate of left brain vs right brain.

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