Steps to becoming a successful interviewer – 1

One of the keys to growing a powerful and successful team is to hire the right people for the job. For me, interviewing is an art and a serious one at that. To be able to gauge a person’s fitment in a few hours – is not an easy job.

Often I find articles posted on how to crack an interview – and ironically most of them are pretty cliché and would probably lead you down the wrong path – if you come across any logical interviewer.

Having been a part of the interviewing panel with my current org for close to a decade now and having spent over a thousand hours interviewing people, I wanted to share my experiences of whats worked well and how does one prepare to take an interview. I believe the whole process can be broken down in to smaller steps, as stated below. I would share my experiences, thoughts on each of the steps and would be happy if you can share your perspective on the same.

The Steps

  1. Understanding the need/ requirements
  2. Knowing what the role demands, holistically look at the skills required for someone to be successful in the role.
  3. Screening/evaluating resumes
  4. Knowing the candidate better
  5. Domain Interview
    1. Assessing the core competency
    2. Looking at potential and maturity of the candidate
    3. Identifying and validating the reason of change
  6. The deciding question

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