Android vs iOS

Like the most of the folks in our generation – I have seen the wave of change from people having shared land line phones (across homes) in India to the first handhelds of Motorola/Ericsson to the era of Nokia symbian phones to the iPhone’s and the rise of the war between the iOS and Android.

Interestingly – I first used the iPhone with the 3G and 3Gs models – and they back then had clearly set the world on fire with the introduction of touch screen devices. With the inception of android and the rise of Samsung in the market space (propelled purely it was the default choice for Nexus phones after LG only to be ditched for Motorola and HTC’s now).

I have been an avid user of Android – since the pace at which Apple brought in a new device that the premium you paid for iPhones – you felt cheated. I moved from the Samsung Galaxy to the s2 and then the s4 and with each move my dissatisfaction with Samsung more than android grew manifold. More so – cause they just took forever to provide upgrades. I took the leap to iPhone 6 Plus again and now having experienced my love for android and the love (to hate) for iOS – I wanted to share the few things which i felt could work wonders with cross pollination of the two worlds.

1.) The software upgrade: [iOS +1, Android 0]  [Total: iOS -> 1 || Android -> 0]
The biggest positive of iOS over non nexus phones is the seamless software upgrade you get the moment apple releases one. Nexus models are known to get it – but then its also restricted by the current set of supported devices (android one’ and likes). Guess the range of devices limits the upgrades for non-nexus phones, but then one wouldn’t want to wait forever when you buy a premium android phone.

2.) The BACK button and the contextual app switch: [iOS 0, Android +1]  [Total: iOS -> 1 || Android -> 1]
The first and foremost feature an Android to iOS switcher would face would be the unavailability of the back button. While iOS does the “Back” function by just a swipe from left to right of the screen – what it definitely lacks is a back to source(journey) feature. Imagine opening a web link from whatsapp(or any app [fb does it well to a certain extent]) which opens a browser window and then having to come back to the app. With android you could use the back button to traverse your way back to the source app, a very simple and logical behavior to think of it. An iOS user would have to double tap(open the applications in use pane) and switch back.

3.) Settings / shortcuts [iOS 0, Android +1]  [Total: iOS -> 1 || Android -> 2]
Why would i want to come back to the setting tab to change the setting of an application and not want to do it from within the app when its open? This is one of the features which has puzzled me from day one. Also lack of shortcuts for features like Enabling / Disabling Location

4.) Speed Dial [iOS 0, Android +1]  [Total: iOS -> 1 || Android -> 3]
It was appalling to know that the apple did not have something as basic as a speed dial.The dialer in general has been such a let down and one of the biggest disappointments. Some of the handy options available on the android – being able to merge calls from an individual,  being able to type names, getting prompted by suggestion with number matches, speed dialing, everything is missing at the apple end. Apple does provide an option to set favorites – but nothing at the dialer level. Also missing is the option to dial or message a contact from the contact list (one has to go to the details and hit the dial key again). Android scores big on this – but will limit the score to adding 1.

5.) Memory Management/Battery Life [iOS +1, Android 0]  [Total: iOS -> 2 || Android -> 3]
While Apple disappoints on the ease of use – the one place it does out do the android hands down is the memory management and battery life. Ever since I moved to iPhone 6 – I haven’t had the need to carry a power bank. I have witnessed app crashes – but the phone doesn’t lose sleep over an crashed app and maintains its over all stability. Something Android needs to definitely work on.

Looking at the top 5 features – Android does score slightly better over the iOS. There are a few points worth debating like the Email Folder Sync, Widgets, Apps for better usability with the desktop where Android still has an upper hand – however when looking at  Connectivity with a MAC book, Connectivity with car audios’ and more – the iOS clearly out does the Android.

A battle worth looking at in the coming times – as iOS and Android release new versions, trying to do one better than the other…

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